Ren'Py Translator ToolKit  Help: export

The "export" command:

Usage: fossil export --git ?OPTIONS? ?REPOSITORY?

Write an export of all check-ins to standard output.  The export is
written in the git-fast-export file format assuming the --git option is
provided.  The git-fast-export format is currently the only VCS
interchange format supported, though other formats may be added in
the future.

Run this command within a checkout.  Or use the -R or --repository
option to specify a Fossil repository to be exported.

Only check-ins are exported using --git.  Git does not support tickets
or wiki or tech notes or attachments, so none of those are exported.

If the "--import-marks FILE" option is used, it contains a list of
rids to skip.

If the "--export-marks FILE" option is used, the rid of all commits and
blobs written on exit for use with "--import-marks" on the next run.

  --export-marks FILE          export rids of exported data to FILE
  --import-marks FILE          read rids of data to ignore from FILE
  --rename-trunk NAME          use NAME as name of exported trunk branch
  --repository|-R REPOSITORY   export the given REPOSITORY

See also: import