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Ren'Py Translator ToolKit

Tools for translators working on Ren'Py games, in particular PO format import/export.
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This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it under certain conditions; see LICENSE for details.


For feedback and bug reports, you can reach me through Lemma Soft Forums or e-mail.

If this program was useful to you, please support my work through Patreon :)

Features / benefits

Work on your Ren'Py translation using the PO format. This brings support for iterative translation:

  • Translatable strings are kept in the same order as in the Ren'Py scripts, to give you context, even after an update. You can also sort by other criteria in your PO editor if needed.

  • Fuzzy matching on update, so you can e.g. update a translation after a typo fix with a single click/keystroke.

  • Hide obsolete strings on update, so you don't waste time translating them.

  • Ren'Py forces you to either: display empty texts when there's no translation yet; or prefill all translations using the original language but this makes it hard to see untranslated strings. Now you can have both, as untranslated strings will be empty in your .po but filled with the original language in the Ren'Py translation files.

Handle duplicates, so you can translate the same dialog line differently depending on the context. Only duplicates get an additional context marker, so as to avoid tons of fuzzy texts when e.g. you renamed a Ren'Py label.

Up-to-date source references (file:line).

Support customized Ren'Py translations (WIP): for instance .po doesn't support splitting a translation to several Ren'Py dialogs, but if you did that in Ren'Py with a customized translation block, add a # renpy-ttk:ignore comment in the translate block before your translations.

Install and run

From Ren'Py (GUI)

Place this directory along with your other Ren'Py games, so it shows up in the Ren'Py Launcher.

Generate your game's translations once using the Ren'Py launcher.

Then run renpy-ttk like a game: you'll be able to select the project to translate, the language, and run the various conversions with a single click.

Command line

Add to your PATH:

PATH=.../renpy-7.3.5-sdk:$PATH .../renpy-ttk/ tl2pot ~/.../mygame/

Workflow with your PO editor

Create a new .po translation file from .pot template

Run tl2pot, open the .pot template file with your PO editor and follow its instructions.

Update an existing .po translation file

Run tl2pot again and merge the new template .pot file.

With gettext: msgmerge yourgame-lang.po yourgame.pot > yourlang-lang-updated.po

With Poedit: open old.po > Catalog > Update from POT File > game.pot

Convert an existing Ren'Py translation to .po

Run tl2po and open the .po translation file.

Import translations for default texts

Run tl2po on "The Question" and import the .po translation file.

With gettext: use it as compendium:

  • new: msgmerge -C the_question.po /dev/null yourgame.pot -o yourgame-lang.po

  • update: msgmerge -C the_question.po --update yourgame-lang.po yourgame.pot

  • overwrite: msgcat --use-first -o yourgame-lang-updated.po the_question.po yourgame-lang.po # + update as above

With Poedit: use it for Translation Memory:

  • Preferences > TM > Manage > Import Translation Files... > the_question-lang.po
  • Open yourgame-lang.po
  • Catalog > Pre-translate

Note: Poedit ignores very short strings.

Push your translations back to Ren'Py

Compile your .po to .mo.

With gettext: msgfmt yourgame-lang.po -o

With Poedit: done automatically on saving, or File > Compile to MO...

Run mo2tl. This will inject the translations in your tl/*.rpy files. Be sure to select the right language.

Note: mot2tl can compile to .mo for you if msgfmt is in the PATH (i.e. under GNU/Linux).


Do not import Ren'Py existing translations again (tl2po) once you've updated it from a .po. This is because renpy-ttk replaces untranslated strings with the originals (so the player won't get empty texts), hence a double import will import original texts as translations. Of course you can still import new untranslated strings as a POT template (tl2pot).

Ren'Py <= 7.2.2 uses inconsistent paths, which partially breaks the strings ordering (dialogues and choices get grouped separately). You may apply #1834 to fix this.

Don't remove the .rpyc files from the tl/language directories once you release a version of your game. Otherwise your players will lose their seen texts on the next update, which is a frustrating gaming experience. This is not specific to renpy-ttk but it's easy to forget about it. The same will eventually happen if you keep the .rpyc translation files but remove the .rpy ones, so I suggest keeping those as well.